Guidelines for CMA Pool/Hot Tub

 CMA Pool Rules - 2023 Season
The Coolfont Mountainside Association (CMA) Community Pool will open Memorial Day weekend on
Saturday, May 27 and close on Labor Day, Monday, September 4, 2023.

Management of the pool is overseen by a Certified Pool Operator, Pool Manager, and CMA Board.
Pool Attendants provide management of the pool and enforcement of rules during operating hours.
The current scheduled open hours are:
▪ Monday through Thursday: 12 pm to 5 pm
▪ Friday and Saturday: 11 am to 6 pm
▪ Sunday: 11 am to 5 pm
▪ Extended hours on Memorial Day, Juneteenth, July 4th and Labor Day:  10 am to 5pm
The main pool and hot tub will be vacated for 15 minutes each day at approximately 12:45 pm and
2:45 pm, or as deemed necessary by the Pool Attendant. All swimmers must exit the main pool and hot
tub during the break period. Pool Attendants will notify swimmers of the start and end of the Break
Chairs, tables, and lounges are provided on first come, first served basis. Visitors are allowed to bring
their own chair. Visitors are asked to return furniture to its original location when they depart.
Pool Attendants will monitor the number of visitors to the pool. If the attendance reaches the
occupancy limit, the attendant must close the pool to additional visitors until occupancy is reduced. No
more than 8 people are allowed in the hot tub at a time.
The CMA bathhouse and bathrooms will be open for the season. Bathrooms will be checked for
cleanliness by the Attendant several times a day. Visitors are asked to help maintain sanitation in this
area and report any issues to the Pool Attendant. An outdoor shower is available on the side of the
Attendants’ shed in the pool area. Visitors are encouraged to rinse off before entering the pool.
Other than the designated handicapped parking area, no cars are allowed to park on or around the pool road or surrounding areas. All cars must park in the parking lot between the mailboxes and sports
courts. This allows access for emergency vehicles and handicapped visitors.
Weather Closures
Pool Management reserves authority to assess weather emergencies and to act in the best interest of visitor safety. Pool Management shall assess weather-related situations and make appropriate
decisions regarding closing the pools, pool areas, and pool houses for safety purposes.
In the case of thunderstorms or lightning, the pools, decks, and bathhouse/bathrooms will be entirely vacated and patrons will be asked to leave the premises. The pool will remain closed until 30 minutes
after the last lightning strike or sound of thunder.
▪ All people using the pools do so at their own risk. Coolfont Mountainside Association assumes
NO responsibility for any accident or injury in connection with such use or for any loss and/or
damage to personal property.
▪ There is NO lifeguard on duty. Children under age 14 must be accompanied by an adult.
▪ All persons shall obey the instructions of the Pool Attendants. In the event of a dispute, a pool member shall first follow the instructions of the Pool Attendant or staff and then report the incident to the CPO or CMA management.
▪ A valid pool pass is always required for admittance into the pool facilities. Pool passes will be checked each time a member and guests are admitted to the pool facility. All members/guests will be required to sign-in when entering the pool.
▪ Persons who appear to be intoxicated will not be admitted.
▪ No pool rafts, inner tubes, or large inflatables are allowed.
▪ Swimmers in the main pool will yield space to active lap swimmers using the marked lane.
▪ Use of the pools may be suspended for weather conditions, pool contamination, or when other situations dictate including reaching pool capacity.
▪ The pools shall not be used by any persons, pool member or otherwise, unless the pools are officially open, and Attendants are on duty. Unauthorized use of the pools will constitute trespassing and ALL violators will be prosecuted as allowed by law.
▪ All persons are required to wear a clean bathing suit or attire intended only for the pool. No street clothes, cut-offs, colored shirts, or shorts will be allowed in the pool.
▪ The wading pool is limited to use by children UNDER 48” in height (generally 5 YEARS OF AGE
or less).
▪ Parents or those adults delegated by the parents to be in charge of their children, SHALL BE SOLEY RESPONSIBLE FOR children in the pool area. Parents are responsible for the safety and
conduct of their children.
▪ Profane language or disruptive behavior is not permitted in the pool area.
▪ Loud music is not permitted. Music must be held to a low level. If asked, the music must be turned off to avoid disturbing other visitors.
▪ Swimming privileges shall be refused to all persons having a communicable disease, to include colds, coughs, inflamed eyes, or any infection, ear discharge, nasal discharge, open sore, open wound, or wearing of bandages.
▪ Prior to entering the various pools, visitors are asked to use the bathrooms and encourage children to do the same.
▪ Children who are not potty trained MUST wear snug fitting plastic pants specifically designed for use in swimming pools over their diapers when using the wading pool.
▪ Visitors shall direct their attention to the Pool Attendants IMMEDIATELY upon hearing the whistle. All instructions provided by the Attendant will be followed. Attendants have full authority to clear the pool area during break and/or in case of emergencies.
▪ No running, pushing, acrobatics, or wrestling is permitted in or around the pool area.
▪ DIVING IS PROHIBITED. Standing jumps feet first are allowed in the deeper end of main pool.
▪ Glass containers and breakable objects are not permitted inside the pool area.
▪ No play equipment or wheeled vehicles (except wheelchairs and strollers) are permitted in pool areas.
▪ No pets are permitted in the pool area.
▪ No alcoholic beverages or drugs are permitted. Any person under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed in the pool area at any time.
▪ All refuse must be placed in appropriate containers provided for the purpose of disposing of trash and recyclables.
▪ All personal belongings, trash, and debris must be removed upon departure.
▪ Smoking and/or vaping is prohibited in and around the pool area.
▪ Visitors must use the shower on the side of the Attendants’ Shed to rinse off any clinging grass or dirt before entering the pool.
▪ Any injuries occurring on pool property should immediately be reported to Pool Management; emergency personnel may be contacted as conditions warrant, as determined by the Pool
Attendant or CPO.